HM Treasury

Women in Finance Charter

In June 2016, Santander UK Technology became a proud signatory to the HM Treasury Charter on Women in Finance. This is a pledge for gender balance across the finance industry.

Santander UK Technology is a FinTech company servicing the Santander group with software applications and infrastructure solutions and is committed to the government’s aspiration to see gender balance at all levels across the finance industry.

In 2018, Santander UK Technology’s ownership changed creating closer alignment to Santander UK  and by amalgamating our credited status with theirs we are able to take more advantage of the opportunities and resources available across the Santander UK Group

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry sector has lower levels of gender balance than other industries. A survey conducted by WISE details that women only represent on 17.5% of all ICT professionals in the UK. Research undertaken by Nominet showed that twice as many boys than girls in schools wanted a career in IT.

Santander UK Technology is already ahead of the industry but seeks to retain and grow its female employees further to achieve true gender diversity and equality.

Also, in 2018, Santander UK Technology was proud to announce that it’s partner organisation, formally known as Produban, was transferring in. This has created a larger organisation. With such a change, our demographic has changed substantially. This has affected our achievement against our targets. As an organisation we continue to champion women to reach their potential with investment in accelerated training programmes, attendances to tech conferences, mentoring programmes and by sponsoring our Women In Tech Community.

WeAreTech Women 2018

November saw Santander UK Technology be a sponsor of the WeAreTech Women conference. Twenty high performing delegates were given ‘Blendology’ passes to attend. This allowed them to just tap their passes to connect with external presenters, other technicians and stands to increase their external network for the future.

Ildefonso Olmedo and Becky Marvell took to the stage to represent SanTech by delivering a key note speech on Blockchain.

As part of the charter, Santander UK Technology pledges to:

  • Supports the charter at executive level led by MD, Andrew Pearson, who makes a commitment to being responsible and accountable for Diversity and Inclusion within Santander UK Technology. Andrew Pearson supports the Women In Technology network.
  • Santander UK Technology has set internal targets for gender diversity in our senior management of:


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female representation in senior roles by end of 2017

17% achieved as at 31/12/2017


female representation in senior roles by end of 2018


female representation in senior roles by end of 2019


female representation in senior roles by end of 2020

Santander UK Technology defines a senior role as those at Manager Level 2, Technical Expert Level 2, Senior Manager and Directors

  • Santander UK Technology commits to publically publish progress against these targets annually.

  • Santander UK Technology commits to linking the pay of its senior executive team against these targets through our Simple, Personal and Fair values and demonstration of our company behaviours.

Our behaviours

Embrace Change

Talk Straight

Give Support

Truly Listen

Speak Up

Keep Promises

Show Respect

Actively Collaborate

Bring Passion


Santander UK Technology believes in leading the way for women to achieve in technology and participates fully with Santander UK in initiatives to support the progress of women:

  • Accelerating You – a series of workshops for women to help them realise their potential towards senior management by improved networks, personal power and influencing skills
  • Women in Business – a website page available on our WeAreSantander portal dedicated to women's networking groups and support to women in the workplace.
  • Santander UK Technology also provides mentoring & coaching support to female employees.

The Future

Santander Uk Technology invests in the future by providing an industry leading Graduate programme. In turn, our Graduates return to schools to help students with key skills in finance and IT.

  Santander UK Technology is delighted to be one of the first signatories of the HM Treasury women in finance charter. We believe it will help us to attract, retain and achieve the full potential of women in our financial technology sector. Focusing on the equalisation of gender pay and the promotion of inclusion and diversity will improve the success of our organisation - it is fundamental to us being Simple, Personal and Fair.