Central Support

There are a number of teams that support Santander Technology UK business on a day to day basis.  Each of these teams play a key role in ensuring our people have the necessary support to do their roles effectively.  These teams are Human Resources, Plan and Controls, Operations and Compliance.

Human Resources: There has never been a more exciting time to work at Santander Technology, we are on a journey of technological change, but our capabilities don’t from our tech, they come from our people.

From an operational and strategic perspective the HR Team is critical in supporting this transformation and our small but agile team works closely with all our business areas to deliver people based initiatives helping our company succeed.

Plans and Controls: The Plans and Controls team is responsible for the financial management of Santander Technology UK. We process and provide a wide variety of financial information to both internal and external stakeholders.

Operations: The Operations team provide Santander UK Technology delivery areas with the means to carry out the services and projects requested by their clients and improve the efficiency of the management and delivery procedures.  The team uses analytical and numerical skills and works to a high degree of accuracy and are people who have an understanding of project management and delivery methodology.

Compliance: The Compliance team works on three main activities; risk, compliance and audit management. Together these three pillars work together to ensure that the company meets its business aims and operates to regulatory, legal and company standards.


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