What can you expect?

When starting out in the world of code, it’s easy to pick up bad habits, which inevitably lead to broken, bug-ridden code. But here on the Santander Technology Graduate Programme, you won’t learn a thing about cutting corners, as we’re all about teaching you what it takes to be the best. After all, you’re going to be playing a key role in ensuring we stay at the forefront of the FinTech transformation for years to come.

Writing quality code is about a number of things, not least taking pride in your work. On our 18-24 month award winning programme spread over various rotations, you’ll get to learn from some of the industry’s most skilled and proud software professionals, developing the skills and good habits that will set you apart as you progress your career.

What’s more, you’ll be contributing to live projects right from the start, as we create, build and implement engaging experiences for more than 102 million customers worldwide. And, as the creative force behind Santander’s systems, software and application development, it’s ultimately our job to make sure those experiences not only look and feel good, but also run smoothly, day in day out. So, only dedicated coders need apply.

Sound like you? Then we look forward to receiving your application soon. #youcodewhatsnext

Applications for our 2019 programme are now closed.

If you’re ready to #YOUCODEWHATSNEXT in FinTech, click here for details of our 2019 opportunities

Learning and Development

During the programme you will rotate every six months to work in a technology-focused role and you will enjoy a learning programme tailored to teach the technical, business and relationship skills you will need. Your journey starts with an intensive induction course where you’ll learn the way we work – whilst gaining hands-on exposure to the digital tools that are shaping our future – such as Blockchain, viVR technologies, AI, Big Data and NoSQL - and you will develop your professional network as part of a bustling graduate community. We are very proud to have been shortlisted in the Best Graduate Induction Awards 2018 for Springboard; our two year programme of learning, support and experience is designed to give you a jump start to your career.

Your dedicated graduate manager provides guidance, advice on your career path and engaging work that suits your unique ambitions. A graduate buddy will also be around to support you both personally and professionally throughout your first year. Learn more about the team from one of our current leaders, Nici Bullivant, Head of Data Engineering & Innovation.

Our behaviours

At Santander Technology we share more than just a passion for software and systems development. Santander has formed a set of behaviours that help us create an environment where our simple, personal and fair values can flourish and be sustained. Our behaviours are what bring us all together. Learn more about how our behaviours influenced the product development for the Payoo app.

Quotes from our recent graduate cohort

  I have been part of really challenging but highly rewarding projects on the programme so far. There’s a big emphasis on innovation which means I’m constantly learning about new technologies and always being encouraged to find new and better ways of doing things. From day one I started gaining new skills, not just in technology, but also in stakeholder and business management.  

Women in IT

It’s no secret that women are under-represented in business, and that is especially true in IT, where just 17.5% of professionals are women. With women accounting for almost 32% of our people in Santander UK Technology, we’re well ahead of the industry average, but we’ve no plans to stop there. We are working towards true gender parity, in which women are represented equally at all levels of the business, and our pledge to the Charter for Women in Finance is just the start of that journey. Find out more about the work we are doing with Women in Finance here. We will view positively applications from women applying for graduate roles.

Our application process

We have a simple online application form and coding assessment. If you meet the benchmark for both of these, we will call you to discuss your application further and then invite you to an Assessment/Meet the team day

Applications for our 2019 programme are now closed.

If you’re ready to #YOUCODEWHATSNEXT in FinTech – we are waiting to hear from you!